Holiday Program

TMS for Kids


Session 1: Anxiety / Self-confidence / Friendships / Consequences

We talk to the kids and let them describe what they are feeling. We ask what causes them to feel this way. It is a discussion that will transform each individual in their own special way. The kids will learn that they are not alone in feeling anxious, left out or have trouble making friendships.

We teach the kids that they have the power to decide what they want. They will be guided by how they feel and not what others want them to feel.

We instil 3 very powerful tools that will stay with them forever.

This session is one where the kids will talk to Mums, Dads, and Caregivers on their way home. It is one of our specialities and changes lives.

Session 2: Warriors Against Bullies

Learn how to be who you want to be whilst staying calm, confident and empowered.

This session is focused on building your own internal force or aura of strength to never be seen as an easy target for bullies. No matter what your age this session is one of the most popular.

We teach the words you need to repel a bully. The words are supported by learning ow to present yourself via breathing techniques and correct posture.

The results we have achieved from this session have been life changing.

Session 3: Mindfulness for Kids

Teaching children about mindfulness can result in some big benefits related to attention, mood, and socially appropriate behaviour.

We have created worksheets and activities to help children bring mindfulness into their lives.

Like any skill, becoming more mindful takes practice. Kids will be able to take home additional worksheet to use and to show the family what they have learnt.

Session 4: Goal Setting for kids. A different philosophy for a better result.

We are a strong advocator for parents raising their kids and not peers.

The session is focused on the children “needing” help from their parents or caregivers to help them achieve the goal they set.

Whether it’s a piece of Lego, a new pair of dancing shoes, a new dress, a bicycle, whatever the goal, the process is fundamentally about achieving small wins along the way, whilst at the same time needing to ask Mum, Dad or caregivers to support them to achieve the win.

The habit we create is for kids to rely on parents and caregivers and not their peers.

Peers tell your kids what they want to hear and take no accountability.

Once the goal has been achieved the kids will recognise where the support is coming from and as such make better use of it for their futures.

Small steps to big steps.

The benefits we teach:

  • It’s not about the end result of achieving the goal. It’s about learning a process.
  • The kids will see that the work being put in will give them a result. This automatically creates internal confidence.
  • Discipline
  • How to manage frustration
  • The kids learn just how important Mum, Dad and Caregivers are to their success.


8.45am: Meet up
9.00am : Session 1
10.00am: Morning Break
10:15am: Session 2
10:45am: Activity
11.15am: Session 3
12.30am: Lunch Break
1.30am: Session 4
3.00am: Pickup Time


Most of our classes are held at our home offices at 110 Mein Street, Hendra, Brisbane 4011. We utilise TC Beirne Park for outdoor activities. The park is a short 5-minute walk and no main roads are required to be crossed.


Program Cost is $150 per child

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Learn about goal setting and how to stay on track.

Learn how to ask for something with respect.

Learn how to breathe… to feel better, relax and calm down when sad or stressed.

Learn how to control your mind to think positively, not negatively.

Learn why, how and when to meditate.

Learn how to get better at things that are new to you.

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James Clark

Meet James Clark

My passion for over 20 years has been coaching and mentoring kids and elite athletes to build their confidence and self belief.

Working across different cultures and age groups, I have found the one constant we all have is an internal confidence switch. However, few of us have learned how to flick that switch, stand tall and be the person we know we can be.

I created The Mental Switch to teach new learnings around how the mind and body works together, combined with ancient eastern philosophies around our internal wellbeing and spiritual connections.

With a huge love for sports of all kinds, I am fortunate to live in beautiful Brisbane with my wife L and our four wonderful children.

Steve and I are very proud to be involved with your team and are glad that Jayden is having a great time. Thank you for your mentoring.

Juliet and Steve

Sophie and I wanted to pass on our sincere thanks for making tonight so special for Stefan. You went above and beyond, and we’re sincerely thankful. We think you’re an amazing coach and mentor. Thanks again James.

Jim and Sophie

Images from previous TMS School Holiday Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

A maximum of 8 children are enrolled per day.

Our classes are open to anyone and everyone with the spirit of learning and a ‘can do’ attitude and is in search of a lift in confidence.

The Holiday Program has a focus on building up confidence in your child and teaching them to see the many possibilities that open up when they learn to unleash this wonderful characteristic.

The September Holiday Program has been specifically designed for children in different age groupings:

Monday 20 September:  Confident Kids – Grades 4-6
Tuesday 21 September:  Girls Only – Grades 6-7
Thursday 23 September:  Confident Kids – Grades 7-9
Monday 27 September:  Confident Kids – Grades 7-9
Tuesday 28 September:  Confident Kids – Grades 4-6
Thursday 30 September:  Girls Only – Grades 8-10

No, we need to you leave to enable your child to express their thoughts and feelings without concern for their parents or guardians.

Each child needs to bring their own lunch, water bottle, hat and sunscreen.

We will provide fruit and snacks for morning and afternoon tea (nothing containing peanuts).

We often film our classes and use these videos for in-house training and development. This is an important part of meeting our core value of Excellence.

We also use photographs on our website, in marketing material and on social media. The children are never identified by name.

If you do not wish to have your child filmed or photographed, please email us on to let us know.

Most of our classes are held at our home offices at 110 Mein Street, Hendra, Brisbane 4011.

We utilise TC Beirne Park for outdoor activities. The park is a short 5-minute walk and no main roads are required to be crossed.

Your child’s safety and health are our number one priority at TMS. Our location is safe and secure.

COVID Safety

  • We educate the kids about hygiene and personal safety.
  • All our students are encouraged to regularly wash their hands during the day.
  • We sanitise our equipment regularly during classes to minimise the risk to the children.

In an emergency… we will call an ambulance immediately, then call you.

Yes. Working with Children Card (Positive Notice Blue Card) number 1675963/2 expires 29/03/2024

Note that two adults will always be present with the children during the program.

We will transfer their place to another date if still available.

If this is not possible, you will receive a credit towards any TMS For Kids program to be redeemed within the next 12 months.

If the cancellation notice is received at least 48 hours prior to the program date, you will be entitled to a refund.

We often have a waitlist of children wanting to attend, so giving us plenty of notice will enable another child to participate in the program.

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