Customised Programs for Schools to assist students’ mental health and well-being


Today’s kids have a lot to navigate when transiting into a new year and or a new school.

New friends, Bullying, Pressure, Social Media, Tik Tok, Competition, Body changes, Maturity levels, Opportunities, Fun, Excitement, Choices.

Our school programs are designed specifically for transition phases, social issues, building and maintaining confidence, bravery, and respect.

School Program:
Bullying and how to manage it

This program has an underlying theme of developing and showing respect for everyone.


A series of one-hour presentations delivered to each grade (years 1-12) on a term-by-term basis or twice per year.


To create a sense of safety and resilience within each cohort and to instill this for life.

Core Concepts/Subjects

Respect, culture, belief systems, faith, understanding each other, defining bullying, what makes a bully and how to manage a bully.


  • Leadership skills
  • Common words across the cohort
  • Triggers for support
  • A safe mate
  • How to report not snitch
  • On stage performance

School Program:
Transition, a tricky and interesting time

This program has an underlying theme of finding your inner self to support the changes coming your way together with the new and exciting things that your school will offer up to you.


Delivery is flexible and would be coordinated with other similar school programs.

  • A series of one-hour presentations delivered to each grade on a term-by-term basis
  • Twice per year
  • More frequent from the start of term 3 for year 6 into year 7 students.


To prepare students for the inevitable changes coming their way.

Core Concepts

Decision making, why routine is so important, being nervous is part of the process, the bigger opportunities, leadership, measuring your transition, communication strategies, why your school sends so many emails to Mums and Dads.  


  • Maturity levels
  • Emotions running wild
  • Expectations
  • Change brings more change and how to handle it
  • Bullying can become a very real issue
  • Additional homework
  • More subjects to learn about
  • More involvement
  • Competition

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James Clark

The Presenter – James Clark

My passion for over 20 years has been coaching and mentoring kids and elite athletes to build their confidence and self belief.

Working across different cultures and age groups, I have found the one constant we all have is an internal confidence switch. However, few of us have learned how to flick that switch, stand tall and be the person we know we can be.

I created The Mental Switch to teach new learnings around how the mind and body works together, combined with ancient eastern philosophies around our internal wellbeing and spiritual connections.

With a huge love for sports of all kinds, I am fortunate to live in beautiful Brisbane with my wife L and our four wonderful children.

“We wanted to pass on our sincere thanks for making tonight so special for Stephan. You went above and beyond, and we’re sincerely thankful. We think you’re an amazing coach and mentor. Thanks again James.”