The Mental Switch offers programs plus personal coaching to teach kids, young people and adults how to build up their confidence, mental strength and resilience.

Building a greater level of confidence will positively impact all aspects of life – whether you’re young or older.

TMS for Kids

We work with kids from ages 6 to 18 years to build up their confidence and help them navigate life’s challenges.

We teach elite athletes, and those aspiring to have the confidence to consistently perform at the highest level.

The Mental Switch for Kids was created to teach children how to be more confident and resilient in their daily lives.

TMS for Kids

Through our TMS Kids programs and one-on-one coaching, we teach your child to switch on their internal confidence button at will.

They will learn mental tools to maintain an inner calm and deal with whatever is thrown at them.

Consequently, the world will open up for them to experience a series of positive events that they never thought possible.

Check out our current programs for kids:

TMS School Holiday
Program – Brisbane

Building confidence while having fun!

1 Day Program (9 am – 3 pm)



TMS School Transition
Support Program

This new program is specifically designed around the challenges of moving from a small school environment into a larger school.

8 x one-on-one sessions for:
• Year 4 transitioning to Year 5
• Year 6 transitioning to Year 7